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Bioheat & Residential Fuels

Weaver Energy :: Proudly proving Bioheat Oil Fuel - Your clean burning home oil.

Weaver Energy can supply all of your personal fuel delivery needs. Residential fuel delivery products include home heating oil, kerosene, diesel fuel, and gasoline. We're proud to tell you that all of our home heating oil is Bioheat. Bioheat burns cleaner and more efficiently than traditional heating oil. We've also gone the extra mile to help reduce your equipment maintenance costs by treating our Bioheat with an additional fuel additive to create the cleanest burning heating fuel possible. No other home heating fuel can provide you with higher quality and low emissions than our Bioheat. Best of all, Bioheat is made with Biodiesel fuel produced right here in the state of Pennsylvania.

We invite you to learn more about Bioheat by visiting the website: Bioheatonline.com

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